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One of my favorite things about having a husband who travels so much for his job and my not working, now that the kids are in college, is that NOW I can go with him. Next month we are going to Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington.


Seattle Washington


Portland Oregon

You can see Mt. Rainier in both cities. I’m looking forward to seeing the beauty of amazing view. Ron has a conference he is attending the first couple of days. So I will have the car. So, I’m going to see a friend who lives at Ft. Lewis, although I haven’t told her yet. She had twins in the summer. I’m really excited and can’t wait to tell her. Other than that I’ve been sent to Google to find out what there is to do and what I shouldn’t miss. We will be flying into Seattle on Thursday. Ron’s conference is between Seattle and Portland on the weekend. Our flight home is from Portland on Wednesday. Other than his conference he has no responsibility anywhere. Other than visiting my friend whenever I want to I have no responsibilities at all.

So, that brings me to the purpose for my post here. Have any of you been to that area or live in that area? Can you recommend your favorite spots that I might now see on the “Top 10 Spots To See In Seattle/Portland”? I do know that we were talking about driving over on 84E from Portland and seeing Multnomah Falls in the Mt. Hood National Forest along with some hiking.

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Hiking and Multnomah Falls

So now it’s your turn. What can you recommend that we see? I’m very much looking forward to this trip. I’ve never been to this part of the country. Ron was at Ft. Lewis for his two week duty the summer right after we were married (he was in the reserves). That was 27 years ago. He says he’s always wanted to take me and this is his chance. Unfortunately he can’t take me to the places he wanted to take me on post since he’s not in the Army any longer. So, you can tell me where to go.

So, send me on my merry way! Seattle and Portland – GO!