A wonderful thing has happened in my life in the last couple of weeks. I’ve wondered what I was going to do with my days. I decided that after fighting cancer and fighting my weight for so long I felt like I was losing a part of myself. I was no longer feeling beautiful  physically. I needed to light a fire under myself a get moving. So I decided to think pink. And I asked a question on neighborhood Facebook group looking for someone close by that sold Mary Kay. I found one and before I knew what was happening I was signing up to sell it as well. I’m not so sure how I’m going to about getting into the business. In just two weeks I had two different ideas about how I was doing to handle it all. I’m still not sure that’s yet either. So I’m still putting all of those pieces together.

But for now I’m going to utilize social media, this blog, my Mary Kay website and one on one conversations. I like those ideas so far. If I’m running any specials check out those spots for announcements or see me for a hand-out.

You can call/text this cell number, check out my Mary Kay website here or email me at this website.

You can call/text this cell number, check out my Mary Kay website here or email me at this website.

I’m not starting with a full inventory like a lot of Mary Kay Beauty Consultants do. So if I don’t have something you want right away I have a couple of ways to get your item to you. But as soon as you order something from me the first time my goal is to put that item on my order list so that when you run out of it and need it the next time I will have it on hand for you.

Let me give you a special way to get you and I both connected. If you will click on the link above for my Mary Kay website (or this one) you will find pink words underneath Mary Kay at the top of the page. The fifth set to the right says MY MK. Click on that and it will give you a chance to fill out a Mary Kay profile within my page. That will allow my site to keep up with you and what you like and what you order. That will be the perfect place to start. You’ll be able to sign up for my newsletter as well. As I dig further into Mary Kay you will know all about what I’m doing.

I’m very excited to see what road this leads us down. Years ago I said that when my kids went to college I was going to go to work to help pay for college. My physical issues has kept that from happening but Mary Kay will allow me to help out on more of a level than I thought would be possible. Thank you for helping me do that.