Hello all! I have been having so much fun lately getting myself addicted to free and subscribed products online. I’m currently upgrading myself in Influenster. Have you heard of that? I hadn’t either until last night when one of the chicks in one of my Facebook girls was talking about it. You have to check it out. It’s an amazing site actually – Influenster. You build up your personal scores by answering questions on a lot of various topics therefore earning “badges”. Once you connect yourself with your numerous social media accounts and earn some badges they will gather some products together for FREE to send you to review. At that point you will review them, write about them here, there and everywhere and then the process continues. I don’t know about you but if I have to answer some questions and zip around on the internet connecting my social media accounts to get a box full of free products to review then I’m all over it.

There may be a few steps I’m missing at this point. I’m just getting rolling around here. I still need to add the Influenster badge to my blog after I write this post. Once I get a bit deeper into this process I will be back and will probably be able to tell you how join it through my reference. Because, of course, I earn points by the number of people I influence to join.

Ohhhhhh this is so much fun!!!!