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Last month my Physician’s Assistant told me she was retiring. I was curious as to what the new PA would be like. I went in expecting good things. I have been going to Dr. Nwofia for 10 years. I started seeing him when he was alone in a previous office. I’m not sure how long I went to him. But I really liked him as my Pain Management doctor. If any of you of Fibromyalgia then you know what it’s like to go through the long search to find a doctor you like, who believes you, who has a rapport with you. Dr. Nwofia (from Africa) was my doctor. I trusted him. If he suggested a procedure and I wasn’t comfortable with it we talked about plan B. He saw me with my when I had to bring them because we were homeschooling. They would bring their school work and sit on the floor and not speak a word. His son and my son went to the same college and are studying Engineering. We have a great relationship. He knows the names of my family members and I know his family members So, eventually he had 4 offices around Middle Tennessee. If I ran across a problem with somewhere I told him about it and he spoke to them. So, that’s a little background on my history with my Pain Management Doctor and his staff members. We have a great relationship.

Now another thing, this is a copy of an email I wrote to my friend. Thus, the change in style. Let me know what you think!

First of all, I got stuck in traffic. I usually leave 45 minutes ahead of my appointment to allot for traffic allowance. That gives me time to “get stuck” or run through the drive through, get gas or whatever. If there are no traffic problems then I usually have about 15 minutes to allow for a few errands. The area my doctor is in, although 30 minutes away, is a great area for me to run errands. This morning was not the case. My appointment was at 9:30. About 9:20 I was halfway so I called the office to let Angie know I was stuck in traffic. If the traffic cleared I could have gotten there in 10 minutes. I left my number for her to call me. I had to leave a message. In about 15 minutes (9:35) I called Angie again to say I was definitely going to be late. AGAIN – I had to leave a message because she was not answering the phone. I finally arrived at 9:50. We joked around about it.  I knew I was going to see the new P.A. today because my favorite P.A., Caroll, who I had seen and bonded with for the last 3 years retired. Monday was her last day. I was apprehensive about this new girl. Her name is Amber. I got called back about 10:10ish. I didn’t really look. With Caroll I’m usually in/out in 30 minutes. So I sat there………………I decided I would send a FB status about my experience. It wasn’t going. I knew the pattern of the office so I knew they were all at lunch so I thought I would walk around the hall trying to find a signal for my phone. I wander down to the office where I know Caroll office was — so I knew Amber’s office was. So I go there to chit chat – with more than one reason as I’m sure you can figure out on your own – we do talk quites nicely back and forth. She asked me where I worked because she said I looked very familiar to her. I said “I’m a mom”. She asked if I was a patient. I said yes. She asked what room I’m supposed to be in. I told her. She said “you’re not supposed to be walking the halls” and I was dismissed. I said I’m just trying to find a signal for my phone and walked away. THEN I KNEW WE WERE GONNA HAVE AN ISSUE!! About 10 minutes later she came in the room.

When she walked in my room she didn’t say hello – she didn’t introduce herself – she didn’t ask me for a short intro to my story. As soon as she walked in she said “so what happened to you this morning”. I said I got stuck in traffic – I called twice to office but I had to leave messages. But if you listen to the messages at Angie’s desk you will hear them. All of her questions were asked with air of superiority – She asked where I lived – I said Donelson – she said why did I come all the way out there to go to the doctor – I explained my connection to Dr. Nwofia (I’ve been seeing him for 12 years – BEFORE he built the current office) then I connected with Caroll – She asked me why I came so early in the day when traffic is worse – I told her I come to the doctor at a time when I AM FEELING AT MY BEST and I manipulate my way through the traffic then. Then as if she didn’t even HEAR me she  told me I should come at 1:00 instead. I said again 1:00 is not the best time for ME – I come when I FEEL MY BEST and I work around the traffic. She said “it didn’t work too well this morning, did it?”  (I SWEAR TO YOU THIS IS MY SUPPOSED PAIN MANAGEMENT DOCTOR)

THEN – it get’s MORE bizarre!!!!

She started pointing to the medications that my Psychiatrist gives me and asks me why I take “this and that” (she said them but you get the idea). I told her “those are the meds that my psychiatrist gives me for my panic disorder and my depression and she and I discuss them quite thoroughly each time I see her. I am here to discuss my pain medication. Then we talked like a Pain Management Doctor and a Self Advocate Patient.

When I went out to see angie to make my next appointment (she and I are good friends like we whisper things we don’t like about what’s going on and then Stephanie, the nurse who checks me in, joins us and we are just the same) and I tell her I don’t like Trudie (the P.A. from Downtown who travels office to office) which she knows – and now I don’t like Amber. So the two of them talk me in to going to the Lebanon office next month. Amber would be glad to know that traffic won’t be an issue for me!