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images Our life is moving into a new phase of life. Last year was the Cancer phase. I’ve now moved into the first year of my Cancer Survivor phase. The next year appears to be an exciting part of life that one looks forward to once you enter the Empty Nest phase, So I’ve been told. My Cancer Remission Anniversary is on October 29. The first item on my Empty Nest List begins on November 15. All year my husband and I have had two airline tickets we have needed to use by December 31. Why? I shall tell you!

In early January of this year he and I were supposed to take a trip to Israel with his pHd Class at Dallas Baptist University. Our tickets were purchased in the fall. I was unsure about going because of my physical health and other reasons. I knew there would be a lot of walking and I was weak after fighting cancer the whole year. Plus my dad was in his third year of fighting cancer and not doing well either. So I was back and forth about the decision to go or not go. I had been at my parents house for an extended period of time over Christmas, which was a good choice. On December 26, 2013 my father very unexpectedly passed away in the master bathroom of their home. It was tragic, overwhelming and life changing for my mother and myself. However, it did answer the question of whether or not to go to Israel.

So that brings us back to our overseas tickets that had to be used by December 31. If we didn’t use them we would lose them. We decided to use them – in MY mind to celebrate a year of remission and a few other things that I haven’t voiced to anyone else yet – shhhhhhhhhhhh.



So on November 15 Ron and I are using our tickets and the rest of our Hilton Diamond points to spend 8 days in Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii. The kids will be here. That’s why this is on my Empty Nest List. Get it?

Here are a few pictures of where we will be! images-5 Our resort at night! That is the hotel we will be in. images-4 Water all the way around! images-4 Where I’ll be every day – on the beach!!! GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!

images-3 Just in case I don’t wanna get my toes sandy! images-5 And at night FIREWORKS!!! And what I’m looking forward to the MOST is……..