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If this is your first visit to my blog you will notice that I’ve made some changes. Look around and see if you notice anything different. I’ll just wait here and whistle the theme song to Jeopardy…….So what do you think? If you notice something new this time then the next time you come you’ll see even more changes. I have a lot of things jumping around in my head. While normally that would be a dangerous place to be and a possible risk of falling into a black hole up there I do have numerous Microsoft Word documents open, each of them with a new thought as the title.

So during 2014 I have tried something new. I have registered and been receiving monthly beauty subscription packages. I started out with Ipsy. It is wonderful!! After a couple of months of using it I decided to add Beauty Box 5 and Birchbox. They are each $10 – $12 automatically charged to our credit card. Then they show up in the mail just for me at some point in the month. It’s like it’s my birthday each time they come. Each of them come with beauty product samples – some of them I love and some of them I can trade via other websites.

At any rate, these beauty boxes have helped me to “wake up” a bit and secretly take better care of myself. I’m going to run a few posts on how to improve one’s self-esteem. This entire year has been a bad one for me. I’ve not taken great care of myself. These beauty boxes have really helped. While self-esteem comes from the inside of a person fixin’ up the outside really helps a lot too. I’m not sure yet exactly how many entries I’m going to post on this topic. But if this is a problem for you or someone you know be sure to come back. Now on with the show…..

So, while I never thought I would do what I’m about to do I’m actually excited to do it. I’m going to share my makeup routine with pictures from start to finish. I will also be listing the makeup I use. A large number of it will be items I received in the beauty boxes above. Oh – I even made a video for last month’s ipsy glam box. So youtube is in my head! Who knows? That may be next! I’ll let ya know……Ok – here we go….


We were traveling somewhere and I forgot my cleanser and moisturizer. I went to Sephora and they hooked me up with Murad. It ain't cheap but I've had it for about 5 months and you see how much I've used. And I use it everyday! So the first thing I did was wash and moisturize my face.

We were traveling somewhere and I forgot my cleanser and moisturizer. I went to Sephora and they hooked me up with Murad. It ain’t cheap but I’ve had it for about 5 months and you see how much I’ve used. And I use it everyday! So the first thing I did was wash and moisturize my face.

And Now for the scariest part of all, a picture of my face right after I washed it. You will notice that I have no acne. I do have some brown spots from sun damage. I used to have a bad case of Rosacea. My use of Mary Kay Cleanser/Mouisturizer and then the above Murad has cleared it up a lot.



I wasn’t sure if I should smile or what so yeah……IMG_0770

Now it’s time to “paint my face” as I usually do. The first thing I do is put on my Mary Kay Primer. Then I use the Benefits POREfessional, which minimizes the size of your pores. It was a sample in one of my boxes and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Then I use my pink sponge and dot on my Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Concealer. That stuff is awesome.


Then it was time for my foundation! I just got some foundation last weekend at The Cosmetic Market. As soon as I sat down she said she knew exactly what I needed. Therapy Systems in Natural was “it”! Apparently what I was wearing was too dark. Who knew?


That picture was after the concealer and the foundation. Again with the smile! Grrrrrr



Now for my favorite! I have SOOOO MANY eye shadows and as far as I’m concerned it’s not nearly enough! In one of my boxes last month I received the Be A Bombshell Eye Base. That’s it there in the little round container. I used one of the brushes and painted that eye base all over my eyelid from my brow line to my lash line. It was really pretty. Then I used the brown in the NYX trio in the crease of my eyelid. I used the light color in the trio under the brow line as highlight. Then I used the larger brush to blend the colors. I put a touch of the Pixi Eye Brightener in the corners or my eyes to wake them up because my alarm clock sure didn’t do such a great job.


Recently I bought some Younique Mascara but I was going to the Chiropractor and knew I was already going to be a hot mess laying on my stomach. So I just wore some mascara I got in one of boxes last week. I REALLY LOVE my Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil! I use the small brush to smooth it out. I got it back in the summer in one of my ipsy boxes. Everyone else seemed to hate it but me. Anyway, I curled my lashes put on my Mary Kay Lash Primer and then put on the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes I received in my Beauty Box 5 this month.

Now how about an update?


Now it’s time to smile, for sure! I look so strange without my glasses on. I did lift my eyes a bit so you could see my eyes. Looks like it wasn’t enough. At least it’s not freaky scary anymore. You can see I have lipstick above. How about I list it and conclude?

Mary Kay Nourishing Lip Gloss is my favorite! This is Cream and Sugar.

Mary Kay Nourishing Lip Gloss is my favorite! This is Cream and Sugar.



And just as a quick set I use this Urban Decay finishing powder. I love the matte look. I know a lot of people are about the natural look. I feel like I have to work too hard to look natural. HAHA!

IMG_0782This is part of my bathroom counter full of the products I used just that one time. If I had gone to the right a few inches you would have seen my vast collection of makeup – some I use and some I don’t. Aren’t we all like that though? That’s what I thought! AND I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MORE!!!!


There I am with the glasses! I look like myself now. But of course you can’t see my eyes. OH well……

So for 2015 I believe I will switch boxes up. If you are interested in monthly beauty boxes (there are also boxes for food, men’s, jewelry, stationary, baby clothes, toys…..) I came across a site last night that lists ALL of them (TONS) for all different prices – $5-Way too much money!! The majority of them are $10-$40/month though. She has all the info you could possibly want and tons of info you didn’t even know you wanted to know. Drop by My Subscription Addiction. I promise you’ll find a box you can’t live without. Again I can’t get over how much it does for my self-esteem and lifts me up. Isn’t that what most of us women need? A boost to our self-esteem? Something this simple worked for me. Hopefully the fact that I just posted my naked picture on here without fear tell’s you something.

Anyway, Thank you for stopping by and sharing my beauty day! I’m seriously getting into this whole thing. I have a feeling I’ll be on youtube soon with beauty videos.

As for my blog, Take another quick look around. When you come back the next time you never know what you’ll find!