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Hello my readers!!!  I hope you had a great time last night ringing in the new year whether you had a party, went to your cities celebration or watched Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Speaking of which, did anyone else miss Dick Clark last night? I know he hasn’t been able to do it for years. But just knowing that he is now gone just made it sadder for me.

I have made a few new determinations for 2015. Most of them involve my health. I’ve always been a strong advocate for my health. I decided a long time ago that no one else knows how I feel more than I do. So I have stood up for myself on a number of occasions. I’ve had a great relationship with my Pain Management doctor over the past 13 years. I’ve been going to a Chiropractor and gotten some great results. Have any of you with Fibromyalgia been going to a Chiropractor? What has been your results? Earlier this week I started going to Acupuncture. The day after treatment I had some great surprising results. I look forward to what the future holds for my pain ridden body!

I’ve also been surprised about the results of my depression over the last year. If you’ve read any of my blog in the last year you know that my father unexpectedly passed away the day after Christmas 2013. So I have been on a roller coaster of emotions. I was expecting my depression to spiral. While I’ve suffered some very bad days mixed with more tears than I ever thought I could shed in a year my depression has stayed at bay. My psychiatrist and I have watched it closely.

All of that to say changes are coming! I want to hear about your changes! I just wanted to drop in and touch base! I’m looking forward to seeing more of you here in 2015!