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A few years ago I participated in a blogging challenge each month sponsored by BlogHer called NaBloPoMo. It’s a writing challenge for the month. The idea is that you sign up on the first of the month and you commit to write on the given topic each day of the month. I used to blog every single day. Seriously – every day! I can’t believe it either. May’s theme is PHOTOS. Thankfully it’s not going to be an entire month of selfies, although I probably have enough of them to post each day. The question that goes along with the word is “Do you like taking selfies? Why or why not?”

That got me thinking about selfies from the past. Remember those pictures from say a hundred years ago when people never smiled? Like this one



Who in the world is that? Is she mad? Is she gonna kill somebody? Is she looney tunes? Or is she happy happy happy? Is this the best day of her life? How can anyone tell? Why didn’t anyone ever smile back then?

Here’s another one. What do you think she’s thinking?



Obviously it’s her wedding day, but does she look like she’s happy about it? Is she marrying someone she hates? Is her Dad making her marry some stranger because he’s got money? Maybe some guy is making her marry him and she’s hiding a gun in her boot? Clearly, I watch too much TV.

I think we would know so much more about our ancestors if they would have just given us some kind of facial expression in their selfies, you know?

I like taking selfies. I know some people hate it. As long as I have makeup on and have my hair in place I’m just fine with someone snapping a shot. When I think now about a loved one that has already passed I want a picture to look at and remember different moments of our past. But when I go looking for a picture with some of them it’s nearly impossible to find a picture. I find that so sad! I think of that often. I really think of that quite a bit when I am ready to snap a picture of me or with some members of my family.

So to keep you from forgetting who I am here is a selfie to remind you who I am!



See you tomorrow!!!