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One thing I’ve always been on my blog is honest. This post and each one in my weight lost journey will be honest. I’ve found that being honest holds me accountable. Even though I don’t know most of you personally I know that you will be reading my success and failures. I don’t want to let you down but most of all I don’t want to let myself down. Thus begins my journey as The Incredible Shrinking Woman!!



Today was my first Weight Watchers meeting for 2015. This is my 3 round for WW. My first time was in 1998. I did fairly well. I lost 15 pounds. But my life got busy as a Pastor’s Wife with two young children and I stopped. Then I briefly started in 2003. That didn’t last long at all. In between those experiences I’ve “dieted” and I’ve lost weight the right way with exercise and eating right. I also had fibromyalgia to battle. I lost 40 pounds in 2009. Then I had to have foot surgery. During that period of time my dad was diagnosed with Cancer. I no longer cared about my weight or my foot that was in a cast. I spent most of the next two years on the road between Nashville, where I lived, and Ohio, where my parents lived. We traveled at a moments notice. We would get a call in the middle of the night, get up, pack our bags and hit the road. We ate fast food. We ate hospital food. No one cooked because no one had time. I gained back all of those 40 pounds plus some and I didn’t care.

When 2012 came my husband told me his PhD class was going to London the following June (2013). I knew they would be walking everywhere. So I knew I was going to have to get in good enough shape to keep up with 7 men (I was one of 2 women going on the trip). So, even though my dad was still sick he was at home with my Mom as his caregiver, I set off with the exercising and eating right path again. I managed to lose the same 40 pounds plus a few more, I can’t remember now. June was coming up and I was excited! I went to my regular doctor in April 2013 for a yearly physical only to learn that I, like my dad, now also had cancer. I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer on my birthday, April 10, 2013. Right in the middle of anything weight loss success cycle. On April 15, 2013 I had a complete and total hysterectomy removing my Stage 2B Ovarian Cancer tumor along with everything else inside. I had one Chemo treatment and my Oncologist allowed me to go to London after all. During my cancer fight I did manage to lose an additional 35 pounds on top of the original 40 I had lost before. But that wasn’t quite the weight loss story I was hoping for.
My final Chemo treatment was October 6, 2013. I was finally able to go to Ohio to see my dad at Thanksgiving that year. I was able to tell him that watching him fight through his cancer for four years had taught me how to fight through mine. We cried! I went back a couple of days at Christmas. Thankfully so because he died in he and mom’s master bathroom the day after Christmas 2013.
I now weight more than I ever have. I weighed in at my first WW meeting this morning at 234 pounds. When I originally wanted to lose weight the first time I weighed 232 pounds. I swore that I would NEVER allow myself to weight 240 pounds. So it is time NOW to make a change! It’s time to make a lifestyle change that will last a lifetime. I don’t ever want to get back to this point. This is the end of this Pam. I woke up today to a new Pam!