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My weight loss journey is plugging along. I don’t feel anything shrinking though. I am making quite a few changes. But I’m not making some changes that I know I need to make that I know I should. I will share those things in this post. I know if I write them down it will help me. And in case someone is following this journey with me I know I know it will hold me accountable to make those changes.

First of all, I considered stepping on the scale the other day. But I decided I’m just going to wait till I get to my meeting on Monday. I don’t want to be controlled by the scale. I want to be the one in control. Too many times I’ve been detoured by that little box with numbers on it in the bathroom. But this time I’m going to show it who is boss by looking at it and walking past it. I could put it away where I can’t see it but then I wouldn’t be exercising my ability to take the control over it that I need to.


Secondly, I’m allowed 32 points in food each day. I’m finding out how much I was eating of the wrong things AND some days how little I was eating at all. My metabolism must have been very confused. By the end of the day I’m having to find food to eat to finish my points before I go to bed. I really do love having to eat all the points though because I know I’m doing the right thing for keeping my body on track to lose the weight!


Third, I’m not drinking enough water. I need to be drinking more. I used to drink TONS of water in a day. I mean – just like a month ago. So I think I’m just out of the habit. But I know how important that is going to be when I step on the scale Monday morning. So I’m now determined for the rest of the week to have a glass in my hand at all times and spend the next 3 days in the bathroom every 10 minutes.


Finally, my exercise! I belong to Planet Fitness. However, this week my life has been so packed that even if I had gone to the gym I wouldn’t have been able to stay long enough to do much of anything productive. Thankfully I have a FitBit. So here are my steps since Monday (3,924 – BAD), Tuesday (7,860 – BETTER but I should have walked at night to get the rest), Wednesday (11,159 – That’s more like it) and so far today (6,373 – I still have quite a bit to do and I DO plan to hit the 10,000 before bed).


So there you have it! The things I need to work on is drinking more water and walking those 10,000 steps a day.

Hold me accountable! I need it. I can’t do it on my own. No one that is taking on a battle this big can do this without a team of encouragers and accountability partners. Are any of you walking the same path as me? Let me hear from you. We can partner together! I’ll cheer you on too!