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It’s been a while since I’ve updated on my Weight Watchers journey. My mom has been here for over a week so she and I have kept busy. And this past weekend we had a HUGE garage sale. So writing has not been number one on my to-do list. But last Monday morning I did go to my weekly meeting. And I’m glad to say that I had lost 1.8 pounds. It Worked!!!! I was surprised! I was surprised because honestly things never really go my way. Booooo Hoooo But this time IT’S WORKING!!! And that is exciting!!!


I’ve been keeping track of my points every day. A few days I go over a couple of points but it pulls from my 49 Extra PointsPlus points. Plus I gain Activity points from my exercises that can be used as well. So going over a couple of extra points a couple of days each week aren’t so bad. But I truly try to stick close to my allowed points of 32 each day. If I get into the habit of thinking “oh I can go over today because I have extra points” then that will be my downfall. If there is one thing that I do NOT need it is to allow my brain to get in on the situation. Once that happens it’s all downhill for me. I turn on myself and that’s the end. But this time I’m determined this is it. I’ve done it before so I can do it again.

My problems are still the same as before though – see my brain has gotten involved and it’s hard to break it. I still need to walk more. I’m hoping to get back to the gym this week. My back is 90% better than it has been before. So it shouldn’t be a problem for me anymore. I’m crossing my fingers!! I’m back to shooting for those 10,000 steps a day again. I do want to do more than walk on the treadmill though. I want to ride the stationary bike. I’ve tried the elliptical but my legs aren’t strong enough yet to withstand it for very long. One week I was working up to it 30 seconds at a time. But I need some more leg work first. Some ideas on strengthening them would be helpful.


And I’m doing better on drinking water but I’m not drinking enough yet. I have a large Weight Watchers cup from before. It’s 32 ounces. I got it out this week to use it. I need to keep it in front of me to remind me to use it. If I can get two of those down a day I’ll feel good about it.

Now today is Monday and I didn’t make it to my meeting this morning. Today was day 4 of rain plus I’m recovering from the weekend of garage sale. My body said we weren’t going anywhere! So I didn’t make it. But I will keep on track and keep on working on my exercises and my water.

I was tempted earlier to step on the scale. But I’m not gonna do it! The scale is not guiding me!!!! I refuse to be tempted by it! Points, exercises, steps and water! Those are my guides! And that’s it!!! And focus focus focus!!!!!