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Heaven’s to Betsy would you look how long I’ve been away! I’ve had time to go around the world and back again. Wouldn’t it be nice if I had done that? Except I haven’t…..Believe me, no one is more disappointed about that than me.

I have a few things to update you on, a couple of big changes to tell you about and a really exciting trip to tell you about. Well, it’s exciting for me because, well, I’m the one going on it. But I think you might like to share it with me after I get back.

Let’s get the “bad” news out of the way first. Someone put a WALL right in the middle of my Weight Watchers path!!! Now who would do something like that? I was just bebopping along on my weight loss journey when all of a sudden imgres

I hit a wall and it knocked me over and I was out for days and days and days and days. It was just awful. Then when I finally woke up I didn’t know where I was or what was going on before I hit the wall. It was just truly tragic! So tragic indeed!!!! You just can’t imagine how stunned I was. Oh my goodness, even to this day I can’t remember what was happening….

Are you buying it? Really?? I thought I was doing such a good job of creating a tragic tale. DANG!

Ok I fell of the wagon – I didn’t hit an actual wall – and I didn’t pass out for days and days…..ok I didn’t pass out at all. Y’all are so hard to lie to. Alright – I quit! Ok! There’s the truth! But I hadn’t regained all of my weight back yet. So the beginning of this week I started back on Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge. I’m just finishing Day 4. UGH!!!!!! I’m not gonna write any of the negative self talk my mind is trying to make me believe. I’m only saying positive things to myself. Once one negative thought slips between my lips it’ll all be downhill from there. So….yeah…I’m back on the horse and things are going GREAT! *forced smile*

Now a brief update on my Mom. She has found an apartment here in town. And she has placed our house for sale in Ohio (which has been hard on me in my grieving process). She is doing really well though. I’m proud of how she has worked her way through this process. She is a strong woman. She has proved that in the last few years.

Grief works differently for each person. I very much feel like I’m still standing in the driveway watching the hearse drive down the street after my dad died on December 26, 2013. I feel like the world has continued on all around me but I’m still standing in the same spot where I stopped when I followed the funeral directors pushing my dad’s body out of the house, down the driveway and into the back of the hearse. They closed the door and got in the car and drove away and I’m still standing there crying watching them drive down the street. I don’t feel like my grief has really gotten past that point.

At any rate, life goes on. In the next eight weeks my life will be topsy turvy once again. But before that happens Lauren goes back to school next weekend. I’m looking forward to helping her move in. This is her senior year. I have no idea how that even happened! Next month Ron and I are going on one of our AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE trips. I’ll tell you some more about it later on. And then the first part of October we’re going up to move my Mom down here. I’m really looking forward to having her close by. She’s going to love her apartment complex. I think all of us will! We’re all going to love having her close by. Sadly this will be the first time we’ve all lived close by. I just hate that my dad won’t get to enjoy it too. But that’s another blog post for another day.

Now I have a topsy turvy life to get ready for and that’s gonna take some rest. So go rest because we all have some preparing to do!