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October is Mental Health Awareness Month. Well it was actually a week long – Oct. 4 – Oct. 10. But how can anyone truly bring awareness to all areas of mental health in only one week. So I have decided to extend it longer in the month. The theme this year revolves around the idea of being Stigma Free about the fight. The idea is that we educate ourselves about various mental illnesses, seeing the people with the illnesses and not just the illness.

So the idea is to 1- Educate yourself about the various mental illnesses. 2- See the person and not just the illness. 3- Pledge to make a difference and help to bring awareness so that others will do the same thing. Then the next thing to do is to sign the #IamStigmaFree pledge.


Click on the colored words above and it will take you to a pledge page where you can pledge and register as a National Alliance on Mental Illness supporter.

If you did so, then congratulations! You can now join me and thousands more by saying #IAmStigmafree