A Soft Place to Fall

First of all, thank you so much for swinging in to my little spot in the Cyber world! Ages ago I had a blog and it’s floating out there somewhere in Cyber Space so I’m glad you pulled in your Jetson Mobile to this space to visit. Because no one is home at behind that “Red Door” (that was the name of the other spot). But if you happen to see it be sure to let me know! Because they all moved and didn’t tell me where they were going.

At any rate, your journey has led you to me! My name is Pam Hunter. I’m 47 years old and I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for 27 years. Here we are if you wanna say Hi.

Ron and Pam

Ron and Pam

Ron is a Christian publisher and an Author. I’ve been a Christian Stay-At-Home-Mom for 21 years. In those years I’ve been a Homeschool Mom (the purpose of the lost blog mentioned above), a Soccer Mom (who had time to blog???) and now I’m an Empty Nest Mom. Well, kind of – our son lives at home and goes to college 35 miles from here. Since he’s 21 you’d think that’d be no big deal but……..yeah nobody told him he’s a grownup yet. Our daughter is 20 and she goes to college in Cleveland TN at Lee University. She comes home once a month or so! Our kids are really great! We are proud of them!

In the middle of all of that I have Chronic Depression, Fibromyalgia, a one year Ovarian Cancer Survivor and my father passed away unexpectedly the day after Christmas at home last year (2013). Each day I read, fight and struggle through it all  not only for myself but for each of YOU and each of my friends around me who suffer along with me. And that is where you come in.

What you can find when you come here will be encouragement! Strength! Answers! Someone else who fights along beside you! Devotion! Cheer! That’s what I will be for you! My goal is to provide that soft place to fall that I know we all need when we are having a rough time.

I’m a Wife! I’m a Mom! I’m a daughter! I’m a grieving daughter! I hurt! I cry! My mind goes to places no one wants to go! I’m a Christian! Sometimes I feel alone! I get scared! Sometimes I want to die! Sometimes I’m afraid I will die! I’m confused! But most of all I need YOU! And I want to help YOU! Will you come back and let me? That is the purpose of what I do here! I do it for YOU!



2 thoughts on “A Soft Place to Fall”

  1. I’ll come back. You are inspiring! You’ve been through so much and I’m glad to fall upon your blog once again. 🙂

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  2. I wondered where you went Pam! I’ll be here if you will too.


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